A Quarter of a Century

This birthday girl celebrated her 25th birthday with a photoshoot.


My little sister, Lisa, reached out to me in the recent month with her worries, hopes and aspirations upon turning 25. The conversation continued with the idea to capture her as a 25 year old woman. This was a critical moment in her life. Turning 25 gave her pause for thought. Who is she? What has she accomplished? Who does she want to be? Where does she want to go?

At 25, my little sister realized there were still so many questions, but one thing she didn’t question was her development and progress to who she has become today. And that, she wanted to capture.


Flying from Boston to celebrate her 25th with us all in Wisconsin was such a whirlwind of events. Her shoot was priority and, that, I knew how to help plan.

For the second part of the shoot, we traveled back to our hometown, Sheboygan. She wanted to capture three generations of Hmong women in one photo: Our grandma, our mother, and herself


If I remember correctly, the day was not so pretty outside. So we were stuck with an indoor shoot. Though it would have been more ideal to work with more space, time, and a proper set up for this part of the photoshoot, I am proud to say that I was able to capture the session with one light in a tiny, cramped living room space.

I was definitely more appreciative and envious of the worth of the photographs when I started working on the editing.

Look at three beautiful generations captured in one sitting.

A secret part of the shoot:

Being bold and beautiful, Lisa also requested a tasteful, classy nude. I obliged. I have to say that I’ve never felt such empowerment from such a photo that I have taken.


Happy 25th little sis!


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