Friends are Forever

So three best friends come together for a photoshoot.  They wanted something fun, pretty, and chic all captured in a photograph. And so I did.

KBW_PIXIE (2 of 10)

I could not have been happier to take on this shoot. Custom tailored and directed specifically for my sister and her two besties from high school, I did the best I could muster for my little sis. The best part of being their photographer was getting involved in the details for this shoot. Being able to contribute ideas or suggest details was what I believe contributed in making this a successful stylized shoot. Their willingness to ask for my thoughts on their wardrobe, color scheme, and share many other details allowed us to work together and bring this vision to life.

The pastel colors, high neck tops and tulle skirts came together like a dream. All three were matched in style and couldn’t have picked a better setting for the wardrobe they chose.

KBW_PIXIE (1 of 14)

Like many things in life, friendships can often change. The people we know, talk to, or keep in touch with can change with each path we decide to take. And, as paths may divide many times in life, we can all agree that the value of friendships is held in high regard, especially those who have stayed constant.

Kim, Blaichia, and Wendy have made this shoot possible with their friendship. Lucky for them, they have one another. Lucky for me, I was their photographer.

To long lasting friendships!



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