Copyright Info

When you ask for a copyright, what you are really asking for is the rights to own the photo. In my experience, many clients really mean to ask for a printing release.

You have to understand that the work that anyone does in service for others is not usually an easy task behind the scenes. Asking to own someone’s work is the same as asking Da Vinci to give up his rights to his paintings and take ownership of his work without due credit. This can be a big battle in court when a misunderstanding of who owns the rights to artwork arises.

To get a sense of what a copyright and printing release is, click on the link provided. I hope this will enlighten many of you to better understand and appreciate many of artists’ work that surround you today (i.e. music, photos, paintings, graphics, etc)

Copyright vs Printing Release

In short, my copyright wishes are as follows: Please give credit when posting on social media websites, do not re-edit the photos, do not add filters when posting on social media sites, and please do not use them for unauthorized advertising purposes.

Taking someone’s work and posting them without credit is the same as stealing. Not surprisingly, one of the biggest controversial issues concerning copyright infringements are images found through Google. Please credit where it’s due. It is not the same as taking a photo on your phone and then posting it. Someone actually took the time to compose and edit the photo. It is part of their portfolio.

In addition, taking their photo to re-edit without permission is the same as plagiarism. If you did not take the photo, you do not own the rights to make any additional changes to the photo. Therefore, with respect, do not edit the photo.  To preview and understand the conditions I ask of my clients, please click the link below.

JLY Photography Client Print Release


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