Abe & Blaichia

The New Year usually starts off with a kiss, but this year started off with a photoshoot.BlaiAbe-21

Blaichia is a natural and with much experience with the camera, she already knew how to work it! That definitely came in handy to help Abe with his nervous jibes.


We first started inside Milwaukee Public Market. However, the hustle and bustle just didn’t seem to help with the nerves. As we moved our way outside, that was when the magic started to happen.

Blaichia and Abe’s natural chemistry came out to play and really showed through as they laughed and had a bit of fun.

Even though these were not engagement photos, I have no doubt that these two will be ready to take that on effortlessly in the future. Just look at these photos!

Thanks Blaichia and Abe for having me capture your affection, fun, and laughter.

Happy 2017!




Senior Class of 2017: Maddy V.

Maddy is no stranger to me. I’ve witnessed her swapping secrets and playing house since she was a little girl. Even then, she was always very cultured and well-mannered. As I met her again for the session, I saw that these very traits have carried over into her adulthood.

It is no surprise for me to see her transition into a beautiful, young woman. However, it definitely was surprise when she asked me to take her senior portraits.

I went into the session with the mindset to capture her youth and beauty in the early hours of a marvelous summer morning. It was definitely an easy session given Maddy’s natural reaction to the lens. From her smile to her posture, shot after shot was just a reaction to her movements. Maddy is best kind of model to photograph. This was a lucky session for a photographer to have.

To the class of 2017, I hope that the gradutating youth will be able to realize their power to shift and shape the future that lies ahead. Congrats Maddy, and thank you for having me be a part of your budding journey.