Abe & Blaichia

The New Year usually starts off with a kiss, but this year started off with a photoshoot.BlaiAbe-21

Blaichia is a natural and with much experience with the camera, she already knew how to work it! That definitely came in handy to help Abe with his nervous jibes.


We first started inside Milwaukee Public Market. However, the hustle and bustle just didn’t seem to help with the nerves. As we moved our way outside, that was when the magic started to happen.

Blaichia and Abe’s natural chemistry came out to play and really showed through as they laughed and had a bit of fun.

Even though these were not engagement photos, I have no doubt that these two will be ready to take that on effortlessly in the future. Just look at these photos!

Thanks Blaichia and Abe for having me capture your affection, fun, and laughter.

Happy 2017!




After Love, Comes Marriage

Mai Boua has been a longtime friend of mine ever since middle school. I have to mention that even then, we had our share of girl trouble. But what kind of relationship is it if we didn’t? The fact that we were able to come together afterward really emphasizes how special and solid our relationship is to me. The good, the bad, and the ugly; our friendship still stands. That is what I call sisterhood. 🙂

With our history, I am also very well aware of her history with her fiance, Chue. They have been together since she was 14! Now 27, they are finally tying this long-awaited knot. I could not be much happier for her. To share our history and then look forward to a future we continue to share with one another is quite a statement of life.

This engagement session definitely was a momentous event for the both of us. For me, I’ve never felt as confident as I am now with the work I do. Thus, to be able to use the skills I have honed all these years for a good friend of mine is the best gift I could give to someone who has remained constant in my life.


These two will have a December wedding, and it is an honor of mine to be standing in the wedding to continue supporting her love and her goals. I can already see my lovely friend as a beautiful, blushing winter bride.

Congrats to Mai Boua and Chue on their decision to make their union officially legal! 😀

Passion and Fashion

It has been said that artists benefit from the collaboration with other artists. Creative collaboration through partnership often cultivates projects that would have never seen the light of day. 

That being said, I was recently approached this year by an old friend from high school. Though we have both kept in touch through social media, quite some time had passed before we actually had a chance to reconnect in person. Through a tragic event that brought us together again, we were able to catch up properly in person. It was through this meeting that I had learned that my friend, Keng, had recently decided to indulge in a passion that she always had; Fashion. With working on the weekends and being a homemaker during the week, she devoted time to pursue that passion. I could relate a lot to her ambitions and the visions she had for the future of her art. With that common ground, it was quite easy for me to want to collaborate when she asked if I’d like to get involved with a project with her.

One could say, “don’t mix business and friendship”. It would be wise to be advised, and I would not disagree at the very least. However, you could also say that this was a friendly collaboration to support one another’s work.

The chemistry on set was amazing. There were lots of laughter, a few slips and dips in the snow, and frozen fingers. We definitely bonded again after freezing together and then warming up in the car to talk endlessly about life and where it has taken us so far. This shoot truly established how great it was to work together and be in each other’s company, not just as friends, but also as comrades in the creative world.

Keep an eye out for our future collaborations.


This is the second consecutive week that I have decided to dedicate a blog post to another dear friend of mine. (Yes, you have seen her as my companion in the “Cookie Hunt” post.)

Pang is a wonderfully talented filmmaker, and I am proud to add her to my circle of my closest friends. As visionaries, we have continued to encourage one another and share our deepest secrets and dreams. It is through our friendship that we have been able to help one another realize our ever-growing potential. As time continues, I have no doubt that the standards of our goals will only continue to rise with each other’s company.

Pang is definitely one of the few people I can credit to encouraging me as well continuously challenging me to see beyond what I know in order to discover something new. As for her best attribute as a friend, her patience with me is definitely a virtue. With that said, this post is for her with hopes that I have her approval in capturing her justly.

The Friends and the Photographers

After graduating from post-secondary school, I managed to stay in connection with a couple of my former classmates. I’ve been lucky to call both Cassie and Ali my friends. If you remember, Cassie was one of the beautiful brides I had the pleasure of shooting this past summer. Additionally, Ali and Cassie were present at my wedding this past August. The life of an artist isn’t easy but it sure is a good reminder when surrounded by others who share the same passion. With that said, taking a moment to catch up as friends and bond as photographers only further solidified the decision I chose as my career path.

This fall, busy as adults usually are, we were able to make a time work to practice as photographers and encourage each other as friends. I could not ask for better company.