Abe & Blaichia

The New Year usually starts off with a kiss, but this year started off with a photoshoot.BlaiAbe-21

Blaichia is a natural and with much experience with the camera, she already knew how to work it! That definitely came in handy to help Abe with his nervous jibes.


We first started inside Milwaukee Public Market. However, the hustle and bustle just didn’t seem to help with the nerves. As we moved our way outside, that was when the magic started to happen.

Blaichia and Abe’s natural chemistry came out to play and really showed through as they laughed and had a bit of fun.

Even though these were not engagement photos, I have no doubt that these two will be ready to take that on effortlessly in the future. Just look at these photos!

Thanks Blaichia and Abe for having me capture your affection, fun, and laughter.

Happy 2017!




Odd Items Challenge

So on a Wednesday night, I set myself a challenge to find the top five odd items I could at the store with my husband. I think I had him beat 4-0. I can’t say if he even tried.

Let’s start with item number one.

1. A “Happy Birthday” plate.


It’s fun. It’s funny. It’s unnecessary. I mean, how many times will you use this? Once a year. Unless you have some kind of tradition. You could get creative for the use of a such plate. However, if you get down to the reality of this plate, it will not serve you for a long time. I rather enjoy an expensive and delectable piece of cake than have a simple cake served to me on a fancy plate that yelled Happy Birthday at me. But that’s just me.

What I could see be done with this plate.

  1. Your workplace. You work in a cool place where everyone’s birthday is equally recognized. For kicks and giggles, on the morning of the coworker’s birthday, there is a luscious type of dessert waiting for them on that plate. It becomes a tradition. That plate is now part of the workplace family. Happy birthdays will always be happy with that plate passed around for each person’s birthday.
  2. Your kids. It’s the crowned jewel plate of birthday plates. Your kid will feel especially special with this rare occasion of the plate being brought out. Once this plate is whipped out, they know that that birthday celebratin’ is for real.
  3. Yourself. Quite depressing I know. If you’re celebrating alone and you feel the need to remind yourself that it’s a birthday that needs a little bling with that grocery store bought cupcake you brought home. Yippee yi yay.

2. These swimming pool squids. I mean yes, they’re fun looking, but, they’re definitely odd. These are the kind of things you wonder if your kids will really play with at the pool.


3. Finding Dory swimming pool shooter. I would prefer this one over the squid toys. I mean, who doesn’t want to “surprise spray” someone tanning in the sun? But, what makes it odd? The water sprays out of the tentacles! Yes, odd. Yes, pretty hilarious and 5/5 in my swimming toy book.


4. Now trending… Pacifier moustache! Odd, yes. Baby boy = moustache. Baby girl = moustache. Everyone gets a moustache! Get it for an expectant mother for a gag. This one my husband loved.


What did this all teach me? That odd items are quite funny. Most items were geared towards children. I suppose they have a better sense of humor. Or maybe they’re too innocent to recognize the humor. This also tells me that the odder the item, the more intriguing it is.It doesn’t necessarily mean it will be purchased, but it definitely makes me 1) curious and 2) laugh.