Marisa & Tom

Celebrated at the Pabst Mansion, this wedding came with a lot of detail without the usual wedding day labor involved in the process. The details were already in the venue they selected. With Marisa and Tom’s quick thinking and unique personalities, they added enough of their own personal touch to uplift the details that were already in the wedding.

Pabst beer, Milwaukee mugs, personalized wooden bookmarks (which I forgot to take!), paper bouquet made from book pages… you get the idea!

Marisa is a librarian, so this Victorian theme along with the book theme really hit it out of the ballpark. I was so swept up with all these details, I often forgot to credit Tom for coming up with Pabst mansion as their venue. Everything just really came together really well for this couple. It was such an honor to photograph such an intricate theme and this fabulous couple.

We were really lucky to hit so many great locations over the course of one day! Marisa and Tom were a joy to work with. I can only think of them as good friends, and I hope it will remain so. This is one of the unique perks of working with such great people. Clients become friends, and friends are definitely always welcome in my life.

What also made this wedding extra special was that it was set on my husband’s birthday! ūüôā He wouldn’t have it any other way! Love and support to the max.

Congratulations Marisa and Tom! Thank you so much for having me as your photographer.




Jessica & Jonathan

October! The month where the leaves start to color and the apples are ripe for picking. Most importantly, the most beautiful time of year to celebrate nature, love, and this lovely couple who tied the knot – Jessica and Jonathan!

You know, I say this a lot about my couples – they’re amazing! And it’s not because I am becoming generic in describing them, but honestly, I do have to take this moment to thank my stars for getting such amazing people to photograph. Jessica and Jonathan were no exception.¬†They were easy to work with because of the natural way they showed affection towards one¬†another. Looking through the edits, I could not help but melt to goo every time I flipped through them to make review my editing.

The couple officially tied the knot at the courthouse and celebrated the reception with family and close friends. It was basically a wedding but with cut costs, and they still got to eat the cake! I kinda wish I stole their idea for my own wedding. It was such a beautiful and yet simple celebration that I could not help but envy the planning of it all.

Jessica is such a beautiful, kind soul.¬†You¬†can just tell… look into those eyes! And Jonathan will make a great husband. He was so patient throughout the whole couple photography session. Yes, patience is a virtue. I am grateful for my clients and Jessica and Jonathan¬†really added to the list of why I do what I do.

Congratulations to the happy couple, Jessica and Jonathan!