A Long Awaited Engagement

As romantic as a proposal could get, Josh popped the question while they were in Paris, France. My sister, Mary, had been dating her fiancé, Josh, since middle school. Mind you, she is my older sister. It was then they finally decided to officialize that announcement with these beautiful engagement photos!

Throughout my years as a photographer, I have found that the most challenging photoshoots were often for family because of the lack of boundaries. You’d think it would  allow for easy communication but, really, it is not! It is a recipe of too much of opinion and not enough trust. haha But for the most part, this particular photoshoot went smoothly save for the french fry order Mary ordered as a bribe for their dog, Bruno.

Luckily, this shoot was easy peasy. The only challenge that we may have encountered bribing Bruno to behave for photos! The fries and fake treats in our empty curled up palms were just not going to cut it for him.

It took quite a surprisingly short amount of time to get Mary and Josh situated for the shoot. With my quick thinking, I took advantage of our informal relationship to squeeze out the true colors of their nature and relationship. They laughed and smiled, but most importantly, they were themselves. Voila, the proof is in the photos; A stunningly happy couple who love each other (and their dog) and want to get married.

Thor and I look forward to their pending union in Mexico next April!


Yeng and Sam

A winter engagement in Wisconsin is one of the best things that the midwest can offer. It’s a magical time of the year to capture a fleeting season that parts of the world can only dream of.


Yeng had reached out to me about an engagement session after seeing Blaichia and Abe’s New Year’s Eve shoot. The opportunity came knocking in February as we planned for an early morning session to get the rays of the sun rise. On that day, we found out that we were also gifted with small flakes from the skies which unfortunately melted as it fell to the ground.

There were spurts of moments where the snow would fall and then moments where it would stop completely. However, that didn’t stop the session from being romantic!

As we moved on to the barn, the snow would revisit us again at a later moment.


I have to admit that Yeng and Sam were pretty laid-back and great to direct. The fake laugh practice couldn’t have been any more real when one had to laugh for the shots. 🙂

Personally for me, it is a very rewarding part of my job to get to know my clients. I got to learn how they met and how Sam proposed! Though, that story I will probably let them tell. 😉

Many may view a photo session in winter to be a daunting task, but halfway through the session, I promise that you end up forgetting the cold and live in the moment. Reality hits after the session when I call the wrap. And Yeng and Sam make winter shoots look so good!

This session was one of my rare mini sessions, and it will probably be my last one for the year. It was definitely sweet getting to shoot for them.

I am ever so grateful to continue photographing people and capturing their affection for one another. Love itself is truly a magical thing and, that, is worth capturing and reliving in photographs.

Congratulations to Yeng and Sam on their engagement!


Marcie & David

This engagement session was definitely the most extravagant one I have photographed. Offering me a trip to St. Thomas in exchange to photograph their engagement, I had to check my schedule. Yes, I had to check because this woman needs to be responsible. Seeing that I had no prior engagements, I immediately said yes.

If you did not guess yet — yes, Marcie is my sister. David is my brother-in-law-to-be.

I learned a lot about these two on this trip. Number one, they like really nice stuff. For instance, they like trips to the Caribbean. Number two, they make their money dance. Dance? Yes… money can dance. If they are going to spend $$$, they make sure that they get the best of the experience and make it dance!

We took pictures all over the island and even got to charter a boat to take us to other surrounding islands. Most notably, Sandy Spit (where Corona shoots their commercials). Everywhere we went to shoot was so breathtakingly beautiful! I was green with envy. It was such a photographer’s dream. One day… for myself as the subject. However, as I am the artist, I will collect the credit of shooting their glorious engagement photos.

Congratulations to my big sis and David!