Yeng and Sam

A winter engagement in Wisconsin is one of the best things that the midwest can offer. It’s a magical time of the year to capture a fleeting season that parts of the world can only dream of.


Yeng had reached out to me about an engagement session after seeing Blaichia and Abe’s New Year’s Eve shoot. The opportunity came knocking in February as we planned for an early morning session to get the rays of the sun rise. On that day, we found out that we were also gifted with small flakes from the skies which unfortunately melted as it fell to the ground.

There were spurts of moments where the snow would fall and then moments where it would stop completely. However, that didn’t stop the session from being romantic!

As we moved on to the barn, the snow would revisit us again at a later moment.


I have to admit that Yeng and Sam were pretty laid-back and great to direct. The fake laugh practice couldn’t have been any more real when one had to laugh for the shots. 🙂

Personally for me, it is a very rewarding part of my job to get to know my clients. I got to learn how they met and how Sam proposed! Though, that story I will probably let them tell. 😉

Many may view a photo session in winter to be a daunting task, but halfway through the session, I promise that you end up forgetting the cold and live in the moment. Reality hits after the session when I call the wrap. And Yeng and Sam make winter shoots look so good!

This session was one of my rare mini sessions, and it will probably be my last one for the year. It was definitely sweet getting to shoot for them.

I am ever so grateful to continue photographing people and capturing their affection for one another. Love itself is truly a magical thing and, that, is worth capturing and reliving in photographs.

Congratulations to Yeng and Sam on their engagement!



Abe & Blaichia

The New Year usually starts off with a kiss, but this year started off with a photoshoot.BlaiAbe-21

Blaichia is a natural and with much experience with the camera, she already knew how to work it! That definitely came in handy to help Abe with his nervous jibes.


We first started inside Milwaukee Public Market. However, the hustle and bustle just didn’t seem to help with the nerves. As we moved our way outside, that was when the magic started to happen.

Blaichia and Abe’s natural chemistry came out to play and really showed through as they laughed and had a bit of fun.

Even though these were not engagement photos, I have no doubt that these two will be ready to take that on effortlessly in the future. Just look at these photos!

Thanks Blaichia and Abe for having me capture your affection, fun, and laughter.

Happy 2017!



The Very First Wedding: Robert and Nicole

In the many years that I look back since I started into photography, I can see the growth in my portfolio. It’s much like those parent-teacher conferences from the beginning of the year and at the end of the year where they show your parents your drawings; your drawings transition from shapes into distinguished objects and people.

As I reflect, my perspective and style remain much the same. It is as if throughout the years, I’m trying my darnedest to perfect that one shot. It’s the same shot, but it gets only better with time and experience.

The featured couple are old acquaintances of mine from grade and high school. I’ve known the bride, Nicole, since I was in first grade. We’ve seen each other grow from the jungle gym and have shared many memories as playmates then. I’ve known the groom, Robert, since sixth grade. These two lovebirds were high school sweethearts and have since then kept their hearts with one another.

This first wedding was definitely the most perfect wedding for me. I could actually take the time to take in everything and really participate in the celebration of their union as a photographer with a much smaller and more intimate party. Their winter wedding was beautiful, private, and was celebrated with a huge amount of love.

Before this, I never considered weddings. So when I asked to shoot their wedding, it was a huge compliment and definitely not something I thought I would take up later in my career. This wedding will always hold a special place for me. Thank you Robert and Nicole!

Passion and Fashion

It has been said that artists benefit from the collaboration with other artists. Creative collaboration through partnership often cultivates projects that would have never seen the light of day. 

That being said, I was recently approached this year by an old friend from high school. Though we have both kept in touch through social media, quite some time had passed before we actually had a chance to reconnect in person. Through a tragic event that brought us together again, we were able to catch up properly in person. It was through this meeting that I had learned that my friend, Keng, had recently decided to indulge in a passion that she always had; Fashion. With working on the weekends and being a homemaker during the week, she devoted time to pursue that passion. I could relate a lot to her ambitions and the visions she had for the future of her art. With that common ground, it was quite easy for me to want to collaborate when she asked if I’d like to get involved with a project with her.

One could say, “don’t mix business and friendship”. It would be wise to be advised, and I would not disagree at the very least. However, you could also say that this was a friendly collaboration to support one another’s work.

The chemistry on set was amazing. There were lots of laughter, a few slips and dips in the snow, and frozen fingers. We definitely bonded again after freezing together and then warming up in the car to talk endlessly about life and where it has taken us so far. This shoot truly established how great it was to work together and be in each other’s company, not just as friends, but also as comrades in the creative world.

Keep an eye out for our future collaborations.

Love and Valentine’s

If you have ever googled the origin of Valentine’s day, you’d know that the speculation of the holiday’s origin is actually quite dark and bittersweet. Though, there are many theories on how Valentine’s day got its start, we can all agree that it has survived through the ages for one reason; we all love Love. Love or hate it, you have to give the holiday some credit. Valentine’s day truly gives us a moment to reflect on love and its place in our lives. A day dedicated to love is just what we all need to be reminded of the love we do have, can still give, and have received. Given that there is a day dedicated to celebrating love, it makes quite a statement of the effect it has on us all.

This Valentine’s weekend, I was fortunate to be able to spend it with my sisters, nieces, and my husband. It was definitely a weekend full of love and an indication that “Valentine” love comes in many forms from the different relationships that you have and maintain.

While visiting, I was able to convince my little sister to do a shoot in the freezing cold at the Capitol… at night, nonetheless. You can imagine how the shoot went — our limbs went numb and even my equipment stopped working sooner than expected. Despite those setbacks, we were able to capture a few fleeting moments of love to celebrate this centuries-old holiday.

Wishing you a Valentine’s day everyday!